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Filmmaker In The Cloud Chat: ‘Her Aim Is True’

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I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing filmmakers in 2013. One of those filmmakers that really captured my attention was, Karen Whitehead. Her cheerful smile was a pleasure to run into as we passed, and later when we had the chance to sit at a lunch and chat, her beautiful British accent ruined me and I was entranced.

I went to the screening of Karen’s feature documentary, ‘Her Aim is True’, the story of rock photography pioneer Jini Dellaccio and was instantly captured. It’s the only film I’ve ever screened twice at one film festival. Yea, it’s that good.

Karen and I scheduled a time to meet for an interview about the film, and it was then, that I decided I wanted to do more to help back this film in any way I could.

I planned to do a FilmmakerInTheCloud(™) with her at our second viewing but we had some crazy technical issues at the art museum we were screening it in, BUT we stayed connected and when both of our planets stopped spinning crazy fast, we reconnected, climbed into the ‘Cloud’ and got that @FilmInTheCloud chat on, like bosses.

I would like to invite you to that very enlightening live feature length chat, between Producer/ Director Karen Whitehead, myself, and a ton of internet fans, as we viewed, ‘Her Aim Is True’, the story of Jini Dellaccio.

Although, ‘Her Aim is True’, has t

raveled several national and international film festivals and been met with several awards and continuously sold out crowds, there’s still funds to be raised before it will hit distribution.  This is a film that you really want to stand behind. Click the link and be apart of something truly amazing. Donate at Fur Face Films  –


Jini Dellaccio on Twitter @JiniDocumentary

Karen Whitehead on Twitter @KarsGB

Friend ‘Her Aim Is True’ on Facebook

Visit the Official Website

Also check out SamTheWriter’s Review of ‘Her Aim Is True’ at IMDb.

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