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PressPlay Party with Mark Hall, and Sushi: The Global Catch

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I met Mark Hall a year ago November at the Tallgrass film festival and we ended up not getting to do a Filmmaker In The Cloud (™) chat at that time. I was really excited when his film, ‘Sushi: The Global Catch’ came out on Netflix, because it reminded me to contact Mark again. Facebook is amazing. Long story short, Mark was still excited about the idea, so he set up a twitter account, talked with his distributor Kino Lorber, and we set the date.

‘Sushi: The Global Catch’, is a great documentary on so many levels. Right from the beginning I was capture by the artistry of the film, mixed with the strong traditions, pride, and craftsmanship that sushi’s history is built upon.

Mark Hall, did such an incredible job, telling the story of sushi –where it came from, how it has been maintained, how it has spread socially, evolved culturally, and its possible futures. Mark is a really great filmmaker, and I love his film. Sushi:The Global Catch is one of those few documentaries that I’ve watch over and over, and think everyone should see it.

20 Second Description of Sushi: The Global Catch – by Kino Lorber

“In this meticulously researched documentary, filmmaker Mark Hall traces the origins of sushi in Japan to its status today as a cuisine that has spawned a lucrative worldwide industry. This explosion in demand for sushi over the past 30 years has brought with it problems of its own, as fish stocks have steadily depleted, threatening the balance of the ocean’s ecosystems.”

It was a pleasure to host this, PressPlay party with Mark Hall, as we watched Sushi:, and I’m really excited to share that live filmmaker chat with you here.

Check Out Sushi: The Global Catch at Kino Lorber Here.


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