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A Band Called DeathMark Covino and I had barely just met before we were off on our first date. Ha ha, no, let’s not start strange bro-mance rumors. My first encounter with Mark, however, was quite an adventure. It all started (where most of my stories seem to start) at a VIP Filmmaker brunch. Mark had shot part of a documentary on stand-up comics in Wichita, Ks., (It’s Great to be Here! A documentary about life in comedy), in the past, and had experienced what he called “The best BBQ he’d ever had,” and now was on a search to get out to Pig In Pig Out BBQ as quickly as he could. He didn’t have a car and was about to call a taxi when I said, “Hey I’ve only sampled them in the past, I’ll drive you.

That drive could have gotten me in a lot of trouble, because I had no idea how to get there, Siri was being robot-female drama, and we ended up in a part of town that… well let’s just say when a random stranger in his truck pulls you over and says “Hey Chief, where are you trying to go,” you might not be where you should be. Ha ha ha – what a great guy! He even drove ahead of us and stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road to let us know an even faster way out of the area. It felt for a moment like I was back in West Covina or Baldwin Park, California. Mark and I just laughed and I think we both may have whispered a prayer or two under our breaths.

The pay off was huge though. As we walked in the door Mark was welcomed with a big bear hug from the owner, Derek Cochran which made us both feel like family, then he had us sit down as they prepared an insane table of ribs, pulled pork, brisket, smoked turkey, hot links, chili, mac and cheese – umm for me to say “it was amazing” would be an understatement. (Picture Below, Chat). I can see why Mark later said during the Live Chat that Pig In Pig Out was, in his opinion ‘The Best BBQ in the USA.’ That’s right he said “Texas BBQ has nothing on this!”, I have to agree.  (So now when you’re coming through Wichita Ks., you have to stop at 1003 East 13th, and see what we’re talking about. Tell Derek, Mark Covino and Sam Connelly said “Hello”.)

Mark Covino is an amazing and creative director– He’s also a fun and super cool guy– the kind of guy I usually have in my circle of friends. Covino is also known for his 2007 short “Lucid” and I’m really interested in his currently in progress documentary “The Crest”.

A Band Called Death” is the brilliant documentary that Mark Covino directed, and it’s about these 3 black blood brothers in Detroit in the 1970’s, with amazingly deep family and spiritual roots who changed the world in a beautiful way, without realizing it. Now, some 35 years later their music and message is being re-born and it’s catching fire all over the world.  The story itself is incredible, and the added interviews with fans like Elijah Wood, Kid Rock, Alice Cooper, and others… come on what more can you ask for?

Although Mark and I missed each other for the LIVE FilmMakerInTheCloud(™) Chat at its screening at the Tallgrass film festival, we did hook up for a recent FilmmakerInTheCloud(™)PressPlay VOD Party” and it was a blast… and I’m really excited to share that chat with you now.

20 Second Description of ‘A Band Called Death’: – Written by Drafthouse Films

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death. Punk before punk existed, three teenage brothers in the early ’70s formed a band in their spare bedroom…, began playing a few local gigs and even pressed a single in the hoped of getting signed…A Band Called Death chronicles the incredible fairy-tale journey of what happened almost three decades later, when a dusty 1974 demo tape made it way out of the attic and found an audience several generations younger. Playing music impossible ahead of its time, Death is now being credited as the first black punk band (hell…the first punk band!), and are finally receiving their long overdue recognition as true rock pioneers.

Connect with Mark Covino; Facebook (Favor Fan Page) Mark Covino on Twitter IMDbThe Official “A Band Called Death” website. Download “A Band Called Death” Now!

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ABandCalledDeath LIVE CHATE

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