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FilmMakerInTheCloud: Favor

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favor-movie-posterI first met Blayne Weaver at a VIP lunch. I wasn’t looking for him, I was actually at 9% battery life on my iPhone and needed a quick charge. The only outlet I could find was next to a tiny glass coffee table and Blayne was hunched over it– lunch balanced on his knee, cocktail in one hand, fork and cell phone struggling to get along in the other. He could tell I was looking for the outlet and invited to me hunch over the other half of the table.

Blayne had a big, signature, classy, movie star smile and the kind of  perfect hair that would provoke the purest of hearts to kill for. As we sat, ate, drank, texted, emailed, and tried to keep our dignity intact, I discovered what a genuinely cool cat Blayne was. I mentioned doing FilmMakerInTheCloud(™) with him before I even realized what film he brought, and he was like; “Yea man, sure, whatever’s cool. Hit me up later. Let’s make it happen, what the hell?”. That made me like the guy more. Blayne Weaver is classic Hollywood, and I hope to see him in more films soon.

Favor (2013), was written and directed by Paul Osborne with Blayne Weaver and Patrick Day in mind for the leads. Favor’s tagline says it all : “A friend helps you move. A GOOD friend helps you move a body.” I can’t stress enough how great this film is. It’s a roller-coaster ride for your emotions and the twists and turns literally take you by surprise. I caught myself, along with others screening the film saying “Holy crap” or “Oh my god!”

Paul Osborne is an amazing filmmaker and my @FilmInTheCloud  live chat with Blayne was awesome (almost as legendary as his karaoke at the after party- that’s another story). No worries! There’s no spoilers here, but an insane live chat that writer/director Paul Osborn, co-star Patrick Day, Cheryl Nichols, and others jumped into, from wherever in the world they were- to make this one of the best #FilmmakerInTheCloud Live chats yet!  I’m excited to share it with you here.

20 Second Description of Favor: IMDb/ Written by Leslie Wimmer Osborne

Kip’s perfect life is put in jeopardy when the waitress with whom he’s having a casual fling is accidentally killed in their motel room. Desperate, he turns to childhood friend and loser, Marvin, to help get rid of the body. Marvin agrees which begins the unraveling of their friendship and ultimately leads both to murderous acts they never thought themselves capable of.

Connect with Paul Osborne & Favor; Facebook (Favor Fan Page) Twitter IMDbVimeoThe Official “Favor” website.

NEWS! Director Paul Osborne just told me that ‘Favor’ will be available VOD via Gravitas Ventures in APRIL! 

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I’d like to give a big shout out to Paul Osborne for sending Blayne to Tallgrass Film Festival this year. He’s a super fun guy and I really enjoyed hanging out; chatting ‘in the cloud’, having cocktails with, and watching him work is magic– while I was watching “Favor” through the back curtain and Tweeting Blayne, at one point he was a few feet away in the hall multi-tasking his interview while meeting the ladies. I laughed more than I had in a long time just around Blayne, and he truly represented you and your film ‘Favor’ with excellence.

This was an awesome FilmMakerIntheCloud (TM), with great actor, all while getting the pleasure to watch your incredible film. Thanks Paul! Hope to see more from you soon. @SamuelWConnelly

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