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Filmmaker In The Cloud(TM): The Story of Luke

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The Story Of Luke Movie

In one of the most house-packed sold out screenings at Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita Kansas, we connected with The Story of Luke, Writer/ Director Alonso Mayo and actor Lou Taylor Pucci  (Luke), for a feature length Filmmaker In The Cloud(TM) chat.

The funny story behind the REAL LTP

Lela Meadow-Connor (@Lelapaloosa) had just formally introduced me (@SamuelWConnelly) to Alonso (@alonsomayo)  and Lou (@TheRealLTP) about 15 minutes before the screening of The Story of Luke. We found the room in the Scottish Rites building where the film was about to be screened and I ran through a few of the basics for the FilmInTheCloud chat. As Lou and Alonso took a few photo ops with film fans I sent the guys a message on Twitter(TM) to get them ready for the ‘cloud chat’.

Lou, I sent a message to your twitter, all you have to do during the film is chat back with me on that.” I said

What? I don’t have a Twitter(TM) account.

“Oh, well someone does and they have a few hundred thousand of your fans following them.” I said, and showed him ‘his’ account.

What? That’s not me! I should probably let people know that I’m the REAL Lou.

So with the room filling up quickly and the short film (which was playing just before The Story of Luke) ending, Lou quickly set up a Twitter(TM) account for himself. @TheRealLTP was created right in time for the @FilmInTheCloud chat. Umm Awesome!

The only thing that was more exciting and funny was that while everything was happening and we were getting set up, Alonso, Lou, and I lost our seats, so during the screening of The Story of Luke, the three of us were running back and forth in the foyer just outside the screening room taking turns sticking our heads through the curtain behind the audience to see the film. It was hilarious because people kept coming out and asking Lou and Alonso for directions to the bathroom and concessions. We all had a huge laugh, as we tried to stay focused on @FilmInTheCloud and the screening, happening on the other side of the curtains.  Great movie, great guys, great fun! 

This Filmmaker in The Cloud (TM) chat will be one I remember for a long time, and I am really excited to share it with you here now.

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The Story of Luke Update

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