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Filmmaker In The Cloud: The Right To Love

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Right To Love Movie 2I had the pleasure of connecting with Director Cassie Jaye for a conversation about her documentary film ‘The Right to Love: An American Family‘. Her documentary has played at film festivals across the country. Cassie Jaye is such a cool woman and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and chatting ‘In The Cloud’ with her.

As we sat next to each other screening The Right To Love, in Wichita’s incredible Orpheum Theatre there was something about the magic of the Orpheum, the seriousness of the subject of her documentary, and some goofy moments that made this #FilmmakerInTheCloud experience priceless. Now we get to share this conversation with you.  Check out the behind-the-scenes conversation below!

Also you can now purchase Cassie Jaye’s film The Right To Love here, and then come back and join in on the ongoing conversation.  NEWS: R2L Movie is now available to view for free at !

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The Right to Love: Synopsis from R2L website

While the passionate debate over the legitimacy of Marriage Equality in the United States rages on, the LGBT community continues to fight for their slice of the American dream. Powered by media, religion and influential anti-gay organizations, the civil right of marriage continues to be held just out of reach for many LGBT citizens.

The Right to Love: An American Family chronicles one story of courage born out of the highly mediatized and controversial Prop 8 2008 election results in California. A Californian married gay couple and their two adopted children fight back against discrimination, ignorance and hate through home videos posted on their YouTube channel, Gay Family Values. As they pursue their American Dream, the opposing political, social and religious opinions that pervade society attempt to strip it from them.

(NOTE: Remember that the Filmmaker In The Cloud (TM) conversation below is a collection of images from @FilmInTheCloud and @Cassie_Jaye #TheRightToLove #FilmmakerInTheCloud, #TallgrassX — hyperlinks in the conversation do not work.) 

Chat with Cassie Jaye2

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